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About Us

Our Aikido is guided by our current Headmaster, Hishinuma Sensei, through our connection to the Masakatsu Takemusu Aikido Kai Hombu in Japan.

In Australia, Jim Kay Sensei directs our training in technique and leads each student’s personal growth and development.

Aikido is a ʻWayʼ of living. As students of Aikido, our physical and spiritual development never ends. Our late Headmaster, Suzuki Toshinobu Sensei, a retired Shinto head priest, received personal training from the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba whom he met in 1958. Inspired by Suzuki Toshinobu Sensei, we keep a “beginner’s mind” (shoshin), humility (kenkyo) and gratitude (kansha) through our sustained, committed and sincere practice in Aikido.

“Takemusu” was the term the Founder used to describe his own Aikido; after a lifetime of training he no longer needed thought or tactics; he had reached the point where all his movements and techniques were spontaneous, natural and lead by spirit. Masakatsu (Agatsu) was the way the founder described true victory of self-mastery.

Victory, in this context is victory of the spirit.

There are no contests in Aikido. A true warrior is invincible because he or she does not need to compete.

Therefore, we train to defeat the doubts and conflicts within our hearts and minds.

Our motto of Confidence, Connection, Friendship and Fun are at the core of our teachings in an inclusive atmosphere where members of ages from 12 years old are encouraged through the teachings of this non-aggressive, non-competitive,

modern yet traditionally based martial art.   


All instructors are Martial Arts Industry Association (Australia) and Working with Children Blue Card accredited.


Anti Bullying - Self Defense - Confidence - Inclusion - Mindfulness 

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